The objectives of GD

The aim of GD Gép és Daru Kft. is to take an active part with its skills and creativity in the development of the logistic and interplant transporting activities of the Hungarian and European enterprises. The determinant of this endeavour is to give satisfaction to our partners by competitive products and services of high value, flexibly complying with the users’ demands, paying a special attention to environment protection and the stand-points of quality control. In order to achieve the aforementioned aims, GD Gép és Daru Kft. intends to be an initiator in the development of loading-technical machines and hoists, in the making of the loading and interplant transporting processes more effective and safer, and in the making the best of the business opportunities implied in the technological development, taking up a considerable market position in the Hungarian and European interplant transporting sector.

According to the objectives, further on, the central element of the corporate philosophy will be as follows: to induce the dynamic development of GD Gép és Daru Kft. with a continuous product development and the increasing of the efficiency of producing and fitting work.

The scale of values and the inner norms of GD Gép és Daru Kft. are determined by the commitment and sense of responsibility towards the persons concerned in the operation both from the inside and outside.