- loading bay which can be installed in front of the door of an building subsequently
- it does not take away anything from the valuable area of the interior of the building
- the loading opening can be closed without thermal bridge with the door mounted on the inner surface of the wall
- in case of small place the trucks can back up to the building not only perpendicularly but in a chosen angle up to 45°
- minimal load is transferred to the building structure and it is connected to the floor concrete on several points
- trucks with tail lift can be received as well
- a RAL colour for cover can be chosen
- it can be burdened immediately after assembly
- it’s dimension depend on the dimensions of the built in dock leveller and the door shelter

Mostly applied ramp-box dimensions:
(dock leveller typ. HRU 4 t / 2000x2500 mm,
dock shelter typ. RKB2 3300x3600 mm)

- width: 3350 mm
- depth: 3085 mm
- height: 3800 mm

Forther information, size index can be found in our installation guide.