The joy of creating!

Looking for professional challenges? Come work for GD!

GDs main product is problem solving. We do not get involved with standardized production, but we satisfy all unique needs of our customers.

Only by looking at our website the variety of our products becomes clear. But what else can guarantee this amount of variety and quality standard other than an experienced and prepared group of designers, which we, here at GD are pleased to have. This 30 year old knowledge that you cannot learn from books is what we are prepared to offer you now!

In a big company you would have a lot of managers, whom, in most cases, will try to succeed with the merits of the young. In our case, the decision makers are the owners, hence their ultimate goal is to make the company more successful through acknowledgement of their colleagues.

Therefore, if you feel that you would like to be valued and believe that you could contribute with your knowledge and enthusiasm then this is the right place for you.

What we require:

   - Open mindedness, a willingness to learn, alongside with a grounded technical knowledge
   - You should be able to handle
   - English and Hungarian knowledge

What we offer:

   - It doesn´t take long for you to get a project of your own.
   - You will have the opportunity to travel the world, Western Europe, Japan or even Los Angeles to solve all problems with Airbus or the Japanese airline, the French or Saudi military regarding material handling.
   - Alongside with a competitive salary we can support you in finding a home in case you are arriving from the countryside or abroad.