Production lines

We commissioned a production line at the Hungarian site of the company Continental which is able to make products with quality on world level! We take on the engineering, manufacturing of complete technological production lines and their installation and commissioning at the site.

A 16 t GD crane with lifting traverse serves the whole technology.

The lifting tables have servo-drives, are able to position quickly and precisely and move absolutely simultaneously with the guiding machine.

The system is programmed at control desks with touch screen, which can be found at each main machine.

The turning machines have high precise simultaneous movement. In case of emergency due to the built-in safety elements the whole system can be stopped within one turn.

Data is transmitted through a microwave system. This system does not suffer from radio frequency pollution, and there are no problems with interference. It is able to transmit data safely without loss.


The special designed hoses can be applied in several areas of the industry. That is why there may emerge extreme ambient conditions, e.g. weather, chemical or physical effects, which the hose must stand. During design and production possible loads must be taken in consideration. On the finished hose the effects of the surroundings must be simulated somehow. The product
must be tested. Programmable wear-checking equipment was made for the Hungarian site of the company Continental, which is able to work even for several months continuously.