ESS hoisting-transporting vehicle

The hoisting transporting vehicle serves the material transport connected with train bodies within a workshop.


- lifting: train body vertical lift 800-1900 mm from top of rail
- transport: horizontal movement of the train body at a height of 800 mm from top of rail
- in load free state at a folded height of ca. 450 mm, transportable between the workstations when connected with a towing bar

Main motions of the equipment:

- vertical - lifting and lowering of goods – motor driven, one speed
- horizontal - straight travelling – motor driven, two speed

The ESS-type lifting vehicle with two electro-hydraulic drives, travels on normal rail auge railways and consists of a lifting gear with scissor mechanic. Both self-propelled units have a lifting and travelling battery and a hydraulic supply unit. The equipment is operated by radio remote control. The radio receiver and the central control box are placed at one of the carriages. During lifting operation the two carriages communicate by cable or radio connection depending on the design. Lifting and lowering is regulated independent of the load.

The max. deviation of the table level may be 10 mm.