Special runways for crabs

Material transport may be necessary in narrow passages between workplaces along a curved line. At places like this the installation of overhead travelling cranes is quite expensive. The construction of special crab runways is a solution for that. Runways for crabs consist of rolled profile girders fixed directly to the ceiling. It is no problem to fit bended sections between the straight ones.
The special undercarriage of the crabs makes travelling in small bends and even on very small slopes up and down possible. The crab can be equipped with in crane technology well-proven lifting gears with chain or rope. The power supply of the crab on short runways may be cable supply, on longer and bended ones box-line.

The control of the crabs may be a modern radio remote control or a traditional pendant control, but can also be integrated into the production process control system. The max. capacity of chain crabs is 6,3 t, of rope crabs 16 t. The applicability depends primarily on the clearance given and the capacity of the ceiling.

Advantages of special runways for crab:

- free choice of trace
- high capacity besides small height over all
- simple construction, low price
- easy to handle, remote control possible
- in case of track change easy to reinstall, lengthen and transfer possible