Grabs, lifting beams

In connection with the automation of material movement the necessity for lifting gears  mounted on the crane occurs ever more often. Special beams and grabs well adapted to the load's characteristics are often operated together with the crane movements by a central computer. The grabs are of course available in a design that can be attached to hooks, mechanically or gear operated, with hand or radio remote control.

The pneumatically working grab, made for the IMI Ltd. of Iklad makes moving stators of engines easy, although it is hard physical work By changing the clamp jaws it is possible to move stators of different sizes safely.

We design lifting beams and grabs always according to the special requests. As a result there are an endless number of constructions, arrangements, sizes and capacities.

We achieved good results of stacking and maximal use of stacking ground with the commissioning of the railway sleeper grab in the ferroconcrete plant of Lábatlan. The grab can pick up 2 x 10 pcs of railway sleepers and turn them into the position required. The railway sleepers are made in different sizes; therefore the grab's jaws are automatically adjusted to the required length after entering the type.

The bale grab (Taghleef, Tiszaújváros) is kept in vertical position by a telescope unit during lifting and lowering. The paper and the steel cores are lifted by thorn, meanwhile the steel axis are lifted by hook.


Indoor overhead crane with special bundle grab for the renewed production plant of Zarges. On a 2t double girder overhead travelling crane with operator's cab a special bundle grab is mounted which is capable of grasping and moving bundles containing most different profiles.


The bundle grab (Swedwood, Sopron) stacks the incoming particle board bundles, manipulates them on the stack ground and puts them onto the dispenser of the processing machine.



Radioaktív Hulladékokat Kezelő Kft. (Nemzeti Radioaktív Hulladéktároló, Bátaapáti)