Comparison: chain and rope

Rope crab

STAHL Crane Systems design and manufacture their rope crabs consequently in module system in a range from 500 kg to 160.000 kg capacity. The module system  guarantees an effective production keeping high quality and maximal flexibility.

For the range from 500 kg to 25.000 kg the versatile SH-series are available in 5 sizes. For a higher capacity range up to 100.000 kg we apply the AS7 system.

Top of the program is the SHW8 lifting equipment with max. 160.000 kg capacity.

The compact, robust appearance covers extraordinary reliability and endurance.

Chain crab

The STAHL Crane Systems’ ST chain hoist programme is the most extended system among their products. The classical STAHL chain hoist is a result of long-lasting continuous development. It is an extraordinarily reliable product with low maintenance and low power consumption.

The ST-series are available from 125 kg to 6.300 kg capacity.

Arguments for the use of chain hoists

- less sensible to slant lift and tow the chain leading box has a far higher life expectancy than the coiling device
- the hoist chain’s life expectancy is higher than that of the rope, not sensible to mechanic effects
- tearing of the load due to corrosion in case of rarely used cranes is impossible
- the smaller weight and size of the chain hoist makes better hook positions possible
- minimal maintenance, only the chain has to be oiled