Quick doors

In basic design with full door panel (with polyester-textile enforced PVC) in chosen colour (RAL 1003, 2004, 3000, 5002, 6005, 7035, 9005, 9010).

Standard Design, Accessories:

- Patented door panel guiding, or door panel pull-pushmovement,
- Emergency opening in case of power blackout (door will be pushed aside by hand or lever)
- Self mending collision safe door panel: In case of collision the door panel jumps out of the rail, after opening it gets automatically back into the rail (no need for extra synchronizing)
- Safety photocell integrated in door footing
- Sensor to prevent the uncoiling of the door panel in case of getting stuck
- Soft lower edge which causes no damage
- Frequency inverter drive with microprocessor control
- Automatic closing with time setter (0-100 sec.)

Applicable in- and outdoor, in locks, installed behind sectional doors.



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