Tunnel de chargement á isolation thermique

Heat Insulated Loading Bays:

- It is recommended to use ISO loading bays for cooled or heated storages
- In closed state the sandwich panel placed below the dock leveller and the sectional door placed onto it are closing the loading opening without thermal bridge.
- The dock leveller gets behind the door opening, therefore here only telescopic types can be build in
- Big bumpers fixed into the skirting board provide that the impact energy is received and distributed evenly

Heat Insulated Loading Bay for Closed Cooling Chain:

- The ISO-Z loading bay is the developed version of the ISO type, preserving all its advantages
- The truck pulls up to the loading bay with closed doors
- After opening the sectioned door, the truck opens into the inner area protected by the dock shelter which provides beside its capacity of 6 tons the place necessary for opening the door
- The “heart” of the ISO-Z loading bay is a special dock leveller placed behind the door opening, which provides besides 6 t capacity the room needed for opening the door
- High flexibility bumper
- Applicable dock leveller types: special versions of HRTU, HRTUK

Further information, size index can be found in our installation guide.

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