Звуконепроницаемые ворота

Because of the intensification of the regulations for environment protection, labour protection and health protection more emphasis must be put on sound protection in modern industrial buildings. Out of other reasons but similarly important is the sound insulation of studio buildings, where sounds coming in from the outside must be minimized for undisturbed work.

In places where equipment has to be delivered into and out of sound proof rooms such doors and doors are necessary, whose sound insulation is equal to that of the building.

Designing sound proof systems the characteristics of the sound source have to be taken into consideration. The damping of high and low sounds requires different structural design. The high sounds can be damped using material with lower specific gravity, low sounds by using material with higher specific gravity. Depending on the task the sound proof doors can be made of special of several layers consisting panel systems which are fixed to an iron structure or in order to swallow the low sounds effectively they can be made of ferro-concrete cast at the site as well.

The rolling weight of the sound proof doors can vary from 125 kg/m² to 750 kg/m². The travelling of the high dead weight is provided by high capacity undercarriages on counter sunk guiding rails made of square steel bars. The wheels are made of extraordinarily wear resistant nodular graphite. The design of the top guiding of the door is critical. If the door separates outdoor from indoor room, the storm and possible collision forces must be lead safely into the building structure. Even with indoor installed doors we must consider forces caused by air pressure differences.

A further task is to provide weather proofness for door structures on the facade which can be solved restlessly by using supplementary sealings and deviation elements (awnings, water gutters, etc).