Платформы специального назначения

Big sized equipments, buildings and vehicles building and maintenance requires special several storey high scaffolds or scaffold systems from where necessary tasks can easily andsafely be fulfilled (installation, welding, painting, etc.).

The scaffolds must generally be mobile. The smaller ones are mobilised by hand the bigger ones by motor. The latter are driven by three phase asynchronous motors with inverter supply and radio remote control.

Some scaffolds must be able to move individual parts separately (e.g. adjustable height, temporarily foldable parts, etc.). These functions are solved by build in hydraulic elements.

The main structure of the scaffold is made of welded steel. Weather resistance is provided by hot dip. Auxiliary elements (railings, stairs, cover of pavements, etc.) may be made of aluminium on behalf of weight reduction.

For safe work in the height there are an adequate number of adequate capacity binding points and at dangerous places security signs and symbols.