Перекрытие для смотровых ям

The task of the electro-hydraulic pit covers is to cover the side pits of railway vehicles, trams etc., which allow to repair and maintain the body of vehicles standing on rails, and to enable vehicle drivers and workers to walk safely above these pits.


Installation and maintenance are possible when the side pits are open. In this case the open cover row serves as railing and prevents from falling into the pit.

When operated the covers in the whole row or in a chosen part of the row are lifted hydraulically into vertical position. The pit cover mechanic works in a way that during operation the pavement stays always outside the loading gauge. Therefore the pit covers can be worked even when a vehicle stands on the platform.

With a row of push buttons on the control unit can be chosen which of the covers installed in row shall be operated. By pressing the UP – DOWN button the chosen elements open/close all together. The equipment gives a sound sign before operation and yellow blinking sign during operation. The covers are operated by a mechanism worked by hydraulic work cylinders. The covers are of a structure that does not allow, neither in closed nor open status, accident prone gaps between railway and cover or cover and pit edge.

The surface of the opening covers is a zinced grating; the other structural elements are painted. Accident prone edges are painted with black-yellow stripes. Each two cover have an own hydraulic supply unit.

We call attention to the fact that the hydraulic pit cover system developed by GD is protected by patent!



BKV Zrt. (Budapest, Kelenföld) ■ Rigai Közlekedési Vállalat (Riga, Lettország)