Краны с автоматическим программным управлением

It happens that cranes serving technological processes or operating in dangerous areas have to work without human interference following the instructions of a process directing system. It is necessary to provide complementary systems so that the crane can work in programmed mode and transport the loads safely. The most important among those is the measuring and sensor system which supplies the control unit with information about the crane’s momentary position and load case. For accurate determination of the location three data are needed: The position of the crane on the runway, the position of the crab and the actual coordinate of the load’s height. The distance measuring system, whose code bands run along the runway support and the girder provides the necessary distance data. The height of the load can be taken from the absolute rotation encoder.

For operation in automatic mode a special load grab equipment is also necessary, which is designed to match the characteristics of the load to be transported (e.g.: barrel, container, concrete beam, furniture board, cage, straw bale, etc.) and recognises the differences between closed and open, loaded and load free status. It is essential for the automation of loading that the goods to be transported be in a predetermined position. For that it is necessary to install a rigid receiving structure on the storage floor. The system is generally completed by a high definition video system, which allows the operator to control the lifting process visually.

The container crane is a double girder lifting equipment with top running crab. The crane can be applied indoor. Its task is to transport and move containers within its reach with the container grab suspended on the crab. The crane can be operated in two modes: automatic mode with computer control – i.e. according to the instructions of the process directing computer or hand mode with radio remote control. The container grab is suspended on the crane’s crab by eight load ropes. The grab lifts the container by connecting its four in-turning hooks – operated by electric cylinder - to the eyes of the container. The container grab is operated through the crane control system.

The range of the crane is guarded; in this area the container dock openings can be found.

The metal structure of the product as well as the electric equipment is made under constant strict quality control using most modern technologies, or out of the products of the most reliable suppliers. As a result the operator can count on long lasting, reliable, always functional equipment, in case of proper use.