Портальные краны, полупортальные краны

Portal crane

The main characteristic of a portal crane is that its bridge rests on legs. The legs are connected to the wheel blocks and travel on a runway installed on ground floor.

They are generally operated outdoor therefore weather effects have to be taken into consideration when planing them. With respect to the loading area and the crane span they can be built with legs on one side, on two sides, or without legs at all.

For the connection between legs and bridge we apply fix and hinged leg systems. Electric supply is often provided by spring driven or engine driven cable drum. The crane can be operated from a crane cabin, which travels with the crab on the bridge.

A modern solution is the radio remote control from floor level.

The portal crane is optimal for material transport on wide outdoor areas.


Portal crane in a workshop

An especially advantagous solution for crane jobs in workshops with small height is the compact crab. Further advantage is the short installation time. The workshop can be rearranged within a few days.

Half portal crane

The half portal crane can be found among the products of GD. The crane runs on one side on a floor level rail, on the other side on a rail, which is installed on the building next to the working area on bridge level. This is an optimal solution for crane-job areas near industrial plants. It can also be used indoor for small parts of the workshop in case of afterwards emerging lifting tasks.

Advantage: the floor level runway is indoor no obstacle.




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