Легкие мостовые краны

Light crane systems are easily to install and are cost-saving solutions for material transport in workshops up to a capacity of 2 t and represent a special group of overhead travelling cranes.

The runway of the light crane system consists of C-profiles and is suspended from the ceiling. In these run the crane’s suspended carriages. A C-profile girder which is similar to the runway support is placed between the carriages. The suspended chain crab works in the girder.

Main advantage of the construction:

• compact design, little place requirement,
• simple design,
• small deadweight,
• low installation costs.

Limits of application of the construction:

• capacity of the ceiling
• crane span because of the capacity of the C-profile
• size of the liftable load because of the capacity of the C-profile

The light crane system can be designed as a single girder crane or a double girder crane. The electric power supply of these cranes is solved similarly to the traditional cranes (c-rail, cable, or box-line, rigid rail).