Подъемник с огражденной зоной подъема

- Freight turnover between the floors of buildings, lifting height 3 floors
- 300 kg - 1500 kg
- The depth of the pit is independent of the lifting height (max. 220 mm)
- No need for pithead
- Low maintenance costs
- Fastening the guiding column to the pit every 3,5 m is sufficient
- Push button units at every floor
- Call-send function
- Typical plate dimensions: 1500 x 1200 mm
- Installation according to MSZ EN 19170/5 as lifting device with fenced lifting zone




Lifting Equipment with Fenced Lifting Zone with Multi Scissor:

- Fit for freight turnover between large level differences, floors
- Low footing area compared to the lifting height
- Up to 2 m lifting height according to standard MSZ EN 1570 as lifting table
- Above 2 m lifting height according to standard MSZ EN 19170/5 as lifting equipment with fenced lifting zone


Further information, size index can be found in our installation guide.