Как выбрать погрузочную площадку?

Guidelines for choosing loading bays and dock levellers

Inside or Outside the Storage?

Built-in dock leveller
In Hungary, indoor dock levellers are more popular compared to the loading-box levellers, although ramp-box levellers are far more advantageous.

For comparison we assumed a given storage area, which has to be completed with the area necessary for loading, in other words we put a minimum of 2.5 m wide stripe inside to model the dock levellers or we put loading box outside of the warehouse.

Aspect Built-in dock

Loading box
Costs of receiving area without dock leveller
- Storage without heating 1.200.000 800.000
- Cooled or heated storage 2.000.000 1.100.000
- Simple and uniform building structure
- Costs for cooling and heating
- Possibility to keep clean
- Variability
- Vulnerability

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Dimensions of the Dock Leveller:

The length of the dock leveller depends on the height of the truck’s loading area. The smallest height of the loading platform in loaded state and the highest in empty state give the range which must be bridged. Under consideration of the building’s height as well the dock leveller with the correct length can be chosen now. For loading by hand (hand lift truck) the right length of the dock leveller is very important. To bridge a difference in level of 100 mm with a load of 500 kg and a hand lift truck a 4000 mm long dock leveller is needed. In most cases a ramp width of 2 meters is adequate.

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