Углубленная конструкция для уравнительных платформ

By applying GD pits the local shuttering and concreting of the pit construction of dock levellers cease to exist. Since the GD-pit is going to be assembled at the site from pre-fabricated ferro-concrete modules. Simultaneously an extraordinarily time consuming “do not like” job containing many error sources disappears.

GD Pits Made of Pre-assembled Elements
(even for trucks with tail-lift):

- Execution time decreases radically
- The pit can be fit into the construction planes as one unit
- Pre-fabricated components with high size accuracy
- Permanent, guaranteed quality
- Only the assembly concrete shall be provided by the customer
- After assembly the pit can immediately be burdened
- Suitable to receive dock levellers of any size and structure
- The dock leveller can be installed even in the end of the building work, thus avoiding damage

Monolith Made at the Site
(for trucks with tail-lift too):

- the shutter is easy to make, the accurate size is provided by the assembly frame
- quick assembly, after lifting it in the equipment must be fixed with intermittent seam, the seam gaps shall be filled with sealing material
- after fixing and commissioning the dock leveller can immediately be used
- the assembly frame can be surrounded by a big high carrying capacity concrete area, which reduces the danger of crazing and jagging (vacuum hollowed concrete-stone, plastic floor cover)
- it is possible to install a dock leveller after having finished all construction work


Further information, size index can be found in our installation guide.