Уравнительная платформа


With swing lip:

- Wide sizes range,
- Low maintenance costs,
- Hydraulic types are safer

With telescopic lip:

- ISO loading bay can be formed with the telescopic lip type 1000 mm,
- Applicable for side loading, too
- The biggest level difference can be bridged with this type,
- Wide size range,
- Makes big loading performance possible

Combi dock leveller:

- Well-proven, mature construction
- Suits for serving trucks and vans, since it answers the following three requirements:

  • Settable width
  • Big bridging span
  • Do not burden the van up to 2 t when in truck mode

In general all dock levellers are delivered with walking plates with high torque flexibility, intelligent control type iV and paint coat RAL 5010. For additional charge any paint cover, zinced surface or stainless design are available.

Further information, size index can be found in our installation guide.



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