Секционные ворота


- Sizes as needed:
width: 2250 - 7000 mm
height: 1900 - 6700 mm
- 40 mm thick heat insulated sandwich panel,
- Excellent heat-transfer factor k=0,43 w/m2k,
- Panel with protection against finger catching,
- Very good price/service ratio,
- Domestic assembling, flexible quick service


Comparing some sizes typical to loading bays from the utility point of view

Width Height
2750 mm 3000 mm
  price ratio  
2750 mm Rarely used. Suitable for big-ramp height only. 0.95 0.98 Generally applicable for loads that are not very wide.
3000 mm Used for big ramp-height loading. Applicable for loads with big horizontal dimensions. 0.97 1.00 Any unit load can be handled safety; it provides a bigger cross-section as well in width as in height than the wehicle's loading cross section.



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