Поворотный круг

The turnable is a device sunk into the floor of the railway repair shop which turns the bogies standing on it in the direction of the different rails coming from different directions. After accurate positioning the turnable is locked against turning and the bogie can roll on in chosen direction. In basic position the turnable can take the axle weight of the vehicle running over it, but then it cannot be turned.

It can be operated hand or motor driven, in the latter case the lock is operated automatically motor driven as well. The equipment is operated through mode switch and push buttons. The position of the turnable is indicated by sensors through lamps. The rails are sunk into the pavement. The structure surface is covered with high capacity ribbed panel, which suits the shape of the pit frame. The whole equipment is sunk into a concrete pit, there are no parts protruding above floor level.



BKV Zrt. (Budapest, Kelenföld)