GD Service

GD Service

Is the industrial door damaged and does not close? … Has the crane stopped during lifting? … Can the dock leveler not be used? … These problems may occur at any time and need immediate expert help. The experts from GD hurry immediately to the site, remedy the emergency and repair the damage. Now work may continue without interruption with the once more functioning equipment.

We are aware that damages on the equipment mean production interruption, nervousness and costs to our partners. To achieve shortest deadlines our colleagues are on call at three points of the country. We take on your rhythm!

Our sites: Lajosmizse, Budapest

On demand we take on service and maintenance work in our neighbor countries, too.

Our team, consisting of 30 technicians and engineers is on call 24 hours a day, for repair and Hotline service as well.

GD preventive maintenance

For a company to work it is necessary that machines, equipment are operating. A good machine operates naturally and is always available. We give you a hand to ensure, that in case of failure you do not have to be without your loading equipment, lifting equipment for days or weeks.

Purpose of maintenance is to lengthen the live expectancy of the machines. Since we monitor their state during maintenance so we can give advice about replacement of worn out parts. Therefore, our partners are able to plan the costs and standstill of equipment due to part replacement. For our contractual partners we ensure especially short deadlines for trouble shooting, if some unexpected failure occurs.

Assessing our partner’s machine park and individual needs we offer customized solutions. We take the load of operating the equipment off the customer’s back.

GD brand-independent service

There is no name plate? There is no documentation? Is there only an equipment that needs repair? Be it a door, a dock leveler, a lifting table or crane – do call our company! Our experts repair equipment fitting our profile not only of own production but independent of the manufacturer and the type. We are particularly concerned about continuous training of our staff and acquiring knowledge about competitive products.

GD sales of spare parts

Based on 25 years of experience we have on our command an appropriate network of suppliers and a significant stock of spare parts for equipment of our own production and even for those of other manufacturers. Our planning department and the production unit in Lajosmízse ensure, that we can produce spare parts that are no longer available, even spare parts of other manufacturers, if they fit our profile. If necessary, we develop an alternative solution.

GD Időszakos vizsgálatok - Gondos Dokumentálás

Az emelőgépeknél szükséges időszakos vizsgálatok elvégzéséről könnyű megfeledkezni, általában akkor kerül napirendre, amikor munkavédelmi ellenőrzés során kérik a vizsgálati jegyzőkönyveket. Ezeknek a hiányában jelentős büntetésekre lehet számítani. Cégünk vállalja a nyilvántartások vezetését, a vizsgálatok elvégzését, a feltárt hiányosságok megszüntetését.

A törvény által előírt emelőgép vizsgálatok elvégzését lehetővé teszi, hogy dolgozóink között emelőgép szakértők (4 fő), acélszerkezeti szakértő (1 fő) és emelőgép ügyintéző (1 fő) is található. A kötözőeszközök, hevederek vizsgálatához szükséges mobil-húzópaddal rendelkező alvállalkozónk is van.

GD refurbishment

Your old equipment, cranes just trouble? They are more standing still than they are operating? Do the spare parts already cost as much as a new machine? Then it is time for a refurbishment. For working out a refurbishing offer we inspect your equipment and choose the most economical solution, be it at the site or in the factory. The result is a newly reliable equipment.

GD crane-park all-round service

This is a complex service from commissioning the crane to the end of its whole lifetime. It includes provision of staff, maintenance, permanent documentation, leading log books, periodic inspections, out-of-band trouble shooting.

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