Scissor lifting tables

Lifting Table for Loading Purposes:

- Hydraulic lip for easy loading,
- Easy to handle, does not need effort,
- Wide size range,
- Bridging of huge level differences,
- Compact, sinkable into the ramp, too

Lifting Table for Loading Purpose Combined
with Folding Upwards Dock Leveller:

- Due to its 800-1000mm hydraulic lip it is possible to be installed behind the parapet wall, thus in basic state a closed insolated loading bay can be formed.
- In Basic state the lip is vertical to the table platform, swinging is possible just 200 mm above parapet wall.

Dock leveller + Lifting Table:

- Unifies the advantages of dock leveller and lifting table,
- ISO loading bay can be formed with dock leveller with 1000 mm lip (In this case the door closes tight down to
the floor)
- Applicable for side loading, too
- Easy to handle, does not need effort,
- Compact, sinkable into the ramp, too
- Provides forklift-way between ground level and ramp level,
- Installation height (M): 1150 mm
- Lifting height (H): 1350 mm

All tables can be equipped with door sealing, and are in general delivered with intelligent control type iV and paint cover type RAL 5010. For additional charge any paint cover, zinced surface or stainless design are available.

Further information, size index can be found in our installation guide.



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