Our principles

Expertise, quality and diversity of the components are preconditions for finding the most economic technical solution.

Personal negotiation is critical to get expertise into force since in most cases the best technical solutions crystallise and demands become clear in the course of a dialogue. Because of that our company has been regarding the improvement of our own engineer team as most important. Our leading engineers are directly at our customers’ service with their over several decades gained practise, experience and their ability to solve problems.

GD install into cranes lifting gears and end carriages of the German company STAHL Crane Systems, who can look back on successful 130 years. Kind of conservative engineering philosophy dominates the products of STAHL. Considerable power reserves are characteristic for the products; in the course of product development when thousands of detail questions have to be solved high technical standards and durability get priority. Instead of a momentary price advantage at the time of purchase the emphasis is put on reducing the long time operation costs.

The crane builders possibilities are determined by the components available, the diversity of crane components. The larger the range of components, the better solutions can be found for individual requirements, the more economic constructions can be designed. Even in this regard the company STAHL is among the best of the world. Besides their wide range of chain and rope hoists, they are unique in the field of explosion protected equipment as well. One quite important characteristic of their products besides the reliability of the components is, that they are very small thus e.g. the lifting equipment’s low installation height provides bigger place for crane work.